What is The Unified Strategy?

‘Our consultancy and training programs empower business leaders and marketing professionals who want to drive growth with marcom. We provide relevant knowlegde, skills and unifying actions, all based on evidence.’

‘Do the right things, do these well and work together are key. For corporates we unify the silos of expertise. For scale ups we plan ahead to keep control. We deliver growth in revenue, profit and market share. Less waste and more effect.’

for whom?

Business leaders

Accelerate growth. CEO’s, CMO’s and directors that aim for sustainable business growth with marcom.

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Marketing pros

Learn fast. Managers and directors in marketing, brand, communications and media, who feel the need to skill up in marcom for growth.

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The Unified Strategy explained


The Unified Strategy Online Academy Progam for Marketing Pros has been accredited with 12 Permanent Education (PE) points.


“Ed is an authority in the field of evidence based marketing and he contributed significantly to our audio strategy.
Evidence based marketing is the quest for all that works well repeatedly and applying that in marketing practice. That is downright difficult, also because often things go well already, consciously and unconsciously. Yet this is exactly what we did with Marcom+. A program in which we tailor-made general ‘law like patterns’ in marketing for the development of our brands, including training and certification or our marketeers. As a result we accelerate growth, do the right things more efficiently and thus achieve a better return on the marketing investment.”

Paul Römer, Board of Directors, Managing Director Radio and TV Talpa Network

“Ed contributed to our new online service with a spot on growth strategy and planning. In the process he unified different visions of board members with effective stakeholder management. By consistently directing relevant marketing disciplines he also anchored the brand’s sustainability. As a result we accepted the strategy and planning with great satisfaction and compliments.”

Barry B. van Ruiven, CEO Juke International

“Ed contributed to our global Kanzi apple campaign with creative advise and a special focus on category entry points. This put the use of our Kanzi apple in a even more prominent position. The workshop in Cologne for our European marketers resulted in structured thinking and alignment of interests towards the Kanzi brand, which resonated very well throughout our global marketer network.”

Urs Luder, CEO GKE Fruit NV

“Ed succesfully delivered the full strategy and a sustainable growth plan for a new digital initiative. He has a great sense for combining both digital and traditional go-to-market approaches.”

Jeroen de Bakker, Brand transformation leader, since 1996 | CMO Talpa Network

“Ed successfully fulfilled senior (interim) marketing roles at Talpa Network, as Brand Director (operational) and Growth Lead (strategy). He contributed significantly to the growth in market share of Talpa Radio from 2016 onward.

Ed applied his unique media and data expertise for growth of our business. For Sky Radio the team achieved the best market share in twelve years with the ‘last quarter is crucial’ marketing strategy. Ed also substantiated ‘key beliefs’ to improve marketing execution and enhance ROMI. He trained (and officially certified) the marketeers aiming for an additional 1,5-2% joint market share. Creativity, extra share of voice and reach proved important for the Talpa Radio brands.”

Menno Koningsberger, CMO | Managing Director Marketing, Talpa Network

“Ed played a distinctive role in Marcom+, our program for growth of our radio brands and our streaming service JUKE with marketing communications. He developed a practical marcom module on intranet where ‘law like patterns’ in marketing were up for comparison with our own research and modelling data. With the implementation of this program and the training of our teams we accelerate growth by optimizing our marketing investments. Ed is an enthusiastic hard worker, handy and fast with data and a great pleasure to work with.”

Jeroen de Bakker, Guiding Brands in the right (digital) direction since 1997 | Director Product & Growth Talpa Network

“I worked together with Ed on Marcom+ projects for Talpa Radio in the Netherlands. Together with the Marcom+ team a learning program for Talpa Marketeers has been developed. This ‘Marketing for Growth program’ combines knowledge from science and practice, backed up with Talpa specific research and data to support evidence based marketing and helps marketeers to improve the return on marketing investment.

I can recommend such a program to any company that would like to improve their ROI from marketing and media investments by learning from both science and practice. BrandBooming’s consultancy and training program would be a strong start.”

Karin Schut, Communications, Research and Media Consultant

“Ed added true value to our strategic journey by re-examining our portfolio of clients and prospects, which accelerated our path to growth. Positive behavioural change of our clients is now at the core of our (digital) strategy. With ‘ease’ and ‘motivation’ as corner stones, we adapted the product-market fit of our services.”

Roel Frissen, Strategist | Behavior Change Designer | Author Event Design handbook