Ed Borsboom

Welcome! I hope you will find a thing or two that adds some value for you. You can always contact me with your questions and thoughts, I will respond as swiftly as possible. Do not hesitate, I look forward getting in touch with you.

I operate from the Amsterdam area and help businesses move forward with marketing strategy and implementation for sustainable growth. I advise boards and business owners and execute interim positions for global and local brands. In doing so I discovered that ‘law like’ patterns in buying and media behaviour are very helpful to grow brands.

I am fascinated by the predictability of people buying brands. Many scientists do grasp that profoundly. I translated this to marketing practice and combined it in an integrated approach – hence The Unified Strategy. I use it myself as the how to for brand growth, it helps me get results more effectively and quicker for the brands I work for. Give it a try and let me know what you experience.

Ed Borsboom is a Senior Marketing Professional (SMP) certified by NIMA (the Dutch Marketing Association) according to the European standards of the EMC.

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