A gilt-edge spending plan, guaranteed mind blowing.

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'Spend it wisely', the wizzard said 'and reach for the stars'. 'Oh, no worries boomer' replied the hipster apprentice, 'no magic needed for my gilt-edge spending plan, it is mind blowing - guaranteed'. Both shook [...]

Campaigning for growth is like turning on the tap and fill up the leaky bucket.

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Of couse every brand purchase and moment of usage refreshes and deepens that brand's mental market share. And marketing communications too is able to do that, amongst buyers and non buyers. That is how new [...]

The power of the Marcom Matrix – and the pitfall of one-dimensional thinking.

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As a marketer I read and that makes me belong to a minority amongst fellow professionals. I do not only read, I try to bring evidence based marketing into practice and be a true partner [...]

Three ways to enhance brand linking – less waste and more effect.

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Nice advertising indeed… but which brand was it for? You have lost everyone who does not understand that your brand is the sender of the message. The scale of expected behavioural change within your target [...]

Why brilliant advertising can be less effective. The potential of the strategic opportunity.

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As a marketeer you may be seduced by your ad agency by a brilliant creative concept, to be executed by best in class producers. Nothing wrong with that, the best of the best it is [...]