For Business Leaders and Marketing Pros we have developed practical solutions which all evolve around the same six courses. Wether you choose for Strategy Consultancy, a VIP Strategy Day or an incompany Workshop for Business Leaders or an open Webinar or the Online Academy for Marketing Pros.

The first course on Purchase Behaviour provides you with essential insights in buying behaviour that have impactful consequences for:

All courses are based on marketing and media science or behavioural psychology and economics. All courses are structured in key lessons for growth. A simple roadmap will guide you, which you can download here for free. All courses will be concluded with a short knowlegde quiz and a downloadable Grow Sheet for practical use. After concluding all courses a Grow Plan is available to make sure you will unifiy all disciplines for growing your brand. It follows a central objective, goals, growth strategies and concrete measured actions.s.

Don’t diversify. Unify.

Ed Borsboom

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