Welcome at the Unified Strategy. This is the place to start and learn about the six scientifically proven ‘laws’ in Purchase Behaviour that explain how you can grow your brand most effectively. This course forms the basis of a total of six courses that together enable you to create your own Unified Strategy. You can download the roadmap here for free.

What you will learn:

  1. Understand where brand growth comes from;
  2. Assess your current brand situation in relation to your competitors in the category;
  3. Apply to immediately push the right buttons to grow your brand.

Lessons are presented with videos, real examples and a knowledge quiz. After concluding this course you will recieve your own practical Purchase Behaviour Growsheet, enabling you to work on the six laws for brand growth:

  • Target the Market

  • Light Buyers Matter

  • Double Jeopardy

  • Buyer Moderation

  • Loyalty is Queen

  • Duplication of Purchase

Sources used: Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, Byron Sharp, Jenni Romaniuk, assigned purchase behaviour research.

Requirements: Working in marketing, brand, communications or media on manager / director level.

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