Target the market

Most marketers start their efforts closest to home. In a bottom up approach we start with optimizing our webshops / stores and make sure we will rank high in Google with SEO. Additionally the whole ‘always on’ layer is optimized and retention and acquistion marketing takes off. Maybe there is even room for a couple of mass media campaign flights each year! And that is the end of it. No more budget.

Think about this. Who do we actually reach with this campaign design? That will be mainly recurring customers with a relatively high buying frequency – who very likely would have bought our brand anyway. And with the couple of mass media flights we only will reach potential new buyers – exactly … a couple of times each year. The success of the latter mainly depends on the number of buyers who are in the market during those few weeks and are triggered by the offer at that time.



Building a brand means making it popular.



Building a brand means making it popular. Bought by a large audience in the category that is willing to pay some extra for it. Because the added value is percieved just fine. Just that is something we can work on with marketing communications. Let’s call it the top down approach with ‘continuous reach’. As we know about 40% of all turn over and profits is made by incidental or light buyers of the brand and they constitute up to 80% of the market. They don’t need the product or service very often but when they do, you hope they will think of your brand the most.

If you want to stop hoping and start trusting they will, start working on continuous reach. A light media dripping layer of emotional driven brand communications will enforce all other campaign exposure and in the end will contribute to growth of your baseline sales (by the growth of the client base). Work with your budget or simply ask for more next year and do the maths – how much will you grow in 12 months time if you start targeting the market?