Nice advertising indeed… but which brand was it for? You have lost everyone who does not understand that your brand is the sender of the message. The scale of expected behavioural change within your target audience drops fast with a lower brand linking. That is pure waste of budget. Next to that you may have triggered appetite for the category and cause people to buy products of brands of your competitors. Only because you did not manage to convey it was your brand in the first place.

Let’s assume you’ll reach 80% of the market with your campaign in the media. Let’s say you’ll achieve 80% ad recognition with that. And let’s estimate that spontaneaous brand recall is around 40% (pretty high). If so, you might effectively communicate with (80% x 80% x 40% =) 26% of your target audience. In short, it is key to work on excellent branding.

So make sure that it is immediately clear that the message is communicating your brand. Enhance brand linking:

  1. Use colours, letter types, audio, form language and other brand assests in your creatives;
  2. Give a prominent place or role to your logo (i.e. in a TVC do not wait till the last second);
  3. Give your product or service a leading role in the narrative.

Which ad enhances brand linking best, you think?