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Advertising as a brand asset. A style of advertising beyond compare. These campaigns are rare because mostly they run for many years and even ‘become the brand’.  One of the most famous is the Dove Real Beauty campaign which started in 2004. Restoring femininity is at the core of this campaign and has become the core of Dove as a brand (coming from a conservative ‘product orientated’ an pretty meaningless background).

Read all about the Dove campaign here or watch the film Dove’s ad agency Ogilvy made in 2009, five years after the launch of the campaign. Please do not mind the quality of the video and focus on it’s content:



Dove went on with the ‘strategic insight’ and created many creative and relavant angles. A big highlight was created in 2013 with the Dove Real Beauty Sketches, obtaining 135mio views for the online video campaign (no 1 that year). Read about it on Ad Age and watch the video here:



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