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Most marketers are familiar with designing the point of sale environment. Knowing who visits the shop how often and what the customer value is, is a minimal requirement for adequate strategy and planning. Analyses are mainly based on frequent or heavy buyers and touchpoints may look like this:



Also, most marketers have profound knowledge of the closest layer around the shop, knowing where customers come from who show some form of intent to buy the brand. Analyses are still mainly based on heavy buyers who actually convert to a sale. Prospects who do not convert yet seem less important because their  minimal share in the revenue. Touchpoints may look like this:



Short term activation campaigns in mass media drive sales volumes, also an expertise of a lot of marketers. Intent and building media types are often combined for high media pressure in a relative short period.

The true brand building power of mass media however, is an area of expertise for just a few marketers. Analyses of continuous reach campaigns are based mainly on light buyers of the brand or even in the category. Because their purchase frequency is low and it takes longer for these customers to convert, capitalizing on this group is like watchting the grass grow.

Still, the essence of sustainable growth is making your brand more popular, meaning more people buying your brand at a fixed (high) price. Exactly that is what will happen if you add the layer of continuous reach to your marcom campaigns.