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You are advised to benchmark the brand and activation budgets to find out what the success ratio is of campaigns in your category. For decades this ratio has been an average of 60:40 showing some differences per catogory. This is remarkable because the coming of age of internet would make us suspect differently, but at least up to 2014 the ratio remained the same, 60:40. Underneath print ad budgets were moved to SEA for example, but that did not change the ratio (see The Long and Short of it, by Les Binet and Peter Field, 2014).

As said average ratios differ a bit depending on the category. In an unpublished but presented slide these ratios were discussed in 2017 in the UK. Overall conclusion is that brand building communications can claim a robust part of the media budgets, in any category, often more than half:



However, Les Binet is warning about ‘short termism’ meaning a budget shift towards activation campaigns because online matureness allows for ROI metrics in detail. He notes a ratio shift to a 50:50 split of budgets in practice, while true succesful brands instead invest even more in brand building activitities than before, up to a 75:25 split. You can read all about these findings¬†here.