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adidas Originals (2018)

Best in class Brand-Response campaign of the past years is the adidas Originals – Original Is Never Finished campaign. It was rewarded with a golden Effie for global campaigns in Retail at the end of May 2018. Please watch the Case Study again and now from a media-campaign design point of view:



The adidas Originals campaign might be a bit overwhelming, certainly in execution and by it’s global scale. The idea of bringing the adidas Originals brand to the present is in fact simple, from Impossible is nothing to ‘nothing is original’ to Original is Never Finished. Owened, shared, earned and paid media use it well and with the creative idea to execute with influencers from the music industry it choose a clear direction.


Sainsbury’s (2008)

A striking success was made by Sainsbury’s from 2004 on. Jamie Oliver added his cooking skills to the campaign with Try Something New Today. It inspired many customers who from then on started picking up his recipes and groceries in the shop. Sainisbury’s made a £ 2.5 billion extra revenue over the years.

Sainsbury’s ran a brand campaign Making Live Taste Better, that did not bring the changes to the bottom line as needed. The team calculated that in order to achieve objectives every shopper should enhance their basket value with £ 1.14 every week. The analyses also showed that customers were ‘sleep shopping’ and visited the shops on auto pilot. In order to activate and add value new food ideas seemed a solution, combining unknown products with known products into one recipe. Jamie Oliver was contracted to do a series of weekly recipes and the former campaign Making Life Taste Better was enriched with Try Something New Today.

TV was chosen for it’s emotional power and ability to show and inspire. In doing so it became a service, adding value to a broad audience who could pick up ‘tip cards’ and groceries at Sainsbury’s.  Radio was used  to communicate the deal to people still in doubt, magazines in order to flank light TV viewers. The whole campaign aimed at behavourial change of a mass audience, lifting up the bottom line. As extra effects, overall shopping went up and the brand perception was lifted positively.

For full background and details please watch the IPA / Thinkbox case video: