Topic Progress:

Please pick up your phone and set get your stopwatch ready. Start when you push play for the first movie and push stop when you get the first sign of the brand who created this TV ad. How long did it take for you to get the first notion of the brand? How did it claim the category?



How would you rate the next TV ad in the light of ‘claiming the category’?



Category Entry Points are the mental channels that build mental availability. At the start of the buying process the category is relevant, much later brands will follow. Brands that claim relevant paths towards the category come to mind sooner. It matters to have a claim on the bigger more obvious situations (i.e. for broadcast radio that will be drive time and daytime at work) and a vast number of smaller situations.

Think of the apple market. If you were to create impactful advertising, which Category Entry Points come to mind? Feel free to use the Framework for CEP generation (adopted from How Brands Grow, Part 2, Romaniuk & Sharp 2016):