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Examples include a single-page checkout, Coca Cola in different volumes, the ability to by National Lottery tickets physically, with cash, anonymously, and in several sizes, such as 1/5 and ½.

Why you should use a single-page checkout design? Almost 70% of online shoppers will abandon their basket of items after perusing your store; that’s a lot of potential revenue! More background you can find here.



In the ‘user onboarding’ business you might be interested in the work of Samuel Hulick. As a former UX onboarding specialist at giants like WordPress, SurveyMonkey and more, he developed his own business also by showing what can be improved in the early stages of onboarding.  My recap: with every click you will loose  customers. It is sometimes hilarious what Samuel noted, check it here.



The National Lottery (in NL) has eliminated complexity – combining it with more availability and tailoring to customer’s demand. Of course you can subscribe online but you can also still play ‘in the street’ anonymously and pay with cash if you insist. In Amsterdam alone there are almost 250 points of sale where people can buy their tickets. And indeed in all kind of seizes from 1/5th to a number of tickets which you can share with friends and family.