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Reaching the market is the media equivalent for the most important marketing principle for growth: target the market. Next to creating products and services that everybody wants, that is available to everybody everywhere, at a price everybody can afford, also reaching the market with your campaigns is key.

Of course this has some important nuances.

  • If you are only available in certain areas of the market, please take that into account. Do not waste media investments in areas where your brand is not available. The essence of the principle is that you should reach heavy and light buyers in the category that possibly are able to buy your brand in the future;
  • On the other hand, you may reach a wide audience with too little impact, which could be considered waste as well. Creative performance and media pressure together form the campaign effects. Strong and compelling advertising combined with reach and sufficient contacts (around three) mostly do the trick;

Take a good look at your campaign design and your brand-activation budget ratio. Try to reach every potential buyer once in a while, only few brands can afford it to be omnipresent all the time.