As a marketeer you may be seduced by your ad agency by a brilliant creative concept, to be executed by best in class producers. Nothing wrong with that, the best of the best it is what you and your brand deserve (no sarcasm). However. Brilliant advertising based on a weak foundation will never work as good as ordinary advertising based on the best strategic opportunity. Insights and strategy are key in influencing buying behaviour and building brand equity. Salience, in short, can be created.

Adam Ferrier, one of my favorite strategists in advertsing (formerly Naked, now Tinkerbell), published The Advertising Effect some years ago. He stresses the importance of analysing the potential buying group with help of behavioural psychology. To create the desired (buying) behaviour two elements are key: motivation and ease. I often use my own example how to pinpoint such an opportunity.



Salience can be created.



Once I was asked to help Disney to create an even bigger audience for their theatrical releases. Campaigns for their movies usually ran only 10 days in advance of the premiere date. Little time to work the market. We analysed the ‘behavioural target groups’, being parents and their children, the vast majority of the cinema visiting audience:

In this way we deducted that the main show stopper did not seem to be Motivational. It was Ease. Of course children can not and are not allowed to go the cinema on their own. Being fully depended on their parents the most important hurdle there is time. Significant planning issues need to be solved to organise a family outing on the short term. And there it was, the strategic opportunity: parents need more time – in advance.  So we have been working on possible solutions tapping into that opportunity. One has been to create an online release calendar to create buzz around the movies months in advance (kids can easily access) by feeding it with new content snippets over time and making it a dinner table topic. Parents will be more aware and can easily make proper arrangements in time to visit the even more desired Disney movie.

Think of this. Give it a try for your own brand and brief your ad agency with a head start. Please do get in touch when you need a little hand.